Memories Of A Game: Jet Set

We all have some incredible experiences that we can share to all. Here, I am sharing my most memorable experience about gambling. I was very fond of playing video games. So whenever I got time I used it to play or on finding new launched videos games. One day when I was doing the same action, I found a website where people were playing many kinds of pokies. It looked me quite interesting. So I decide to try that at least one time. I knew about this contest previously by my friend. Hence I just yet to start it. There are many pokies I liked but the one which impress me a lot is named as Jet Set. It is a classic style slot machine amusement and developed by microgaming Software Company. It is a very popular game between the players.

Basically it is a game with three reels and only single pay-line. I saw some reviews of it. The largest prize of this sport is $8000 and range of bet variety is from $0.25 to $5. It is a good and potential jackpot for every gambler. To win you need to make three same symbols on a single pay-line. It functionality is far from any complexity that can made a confusion and traditional style sport that have wild symbol.

And now wait is over, I played it with minimum bet of $0.25 for first spin. Luckily I won the jackpot of 1,600 credit payout. This is my first time that I won such amount as a prizes so it was my best day. After a moment I saw a download app for this event so without wasting a moment I clicked on it and downloaded it in my iPhone. Now a days whenever I get time I used to play this event and win as much as I can. I would like to say that try this sport and make your day!