Community Watch is a free service that will e-mail you anytime anyone in your area has been admitted to the Gwinnett County Jail or DeKalb County Jail or has been added to the Georgia Sex Offender Registry.

After signing up, anytime someone in your area has been admitted to either the DeKalb County or Gwinnett County Jail you will receive an e-mail containing their name, address, and their charges. E-mails regarding people added to the sex offender registry contain names, addresses, their photo, and a link to additional information on each individual.

To receive the Community Watch e-mails you need to fill out the form below once for each zip code and type of notification you want to receive. For example, if you want to be notified anytime a sex offender living in zip codes 30044 or 30045 is added to the registry you would need to fill out the form twice, once for each zip code.

Select the zip code for which you would like to receive notifications:

Select the type of notification you would like to receive:

Enter the e-mail address where notifications should be sent:

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