Some games are born to give the ultimate adrenaline rush. Tomb Raider Pokies is one such legendary online gambling game that will leave players cash rich. Launched in the year 2004, the game is a result of one-of-its-kinds partnership between Tomb Raider owner Eidos and Microgaming. This game is also significant as this was Microgaming’s first licensing deal that it entered.

A poker based machine game; Tomb Raider is an offering by the makers of Lara Croft – a game that enthralled millions of gamers across the globe. Best Tomb Raider New Zealand review rates this game very highly on popularity and play experience. Tomb Raider online pokies machines are designed to attract and are visually stunning treat for eyes.

Players can look forward to 112,500 jackpot credit, extra idol bonus and free spins to start with. One can bet a minimum is 75c per spin with the maximum bet can be $37.50. Credit sizes set off at 5c and users can opt to bet involving 1 and 5 credits on every line.

 Play Tomb Raider Pokies online in New Zealand

The Tomb Raider is legal in New Zealand, as it is a game born out of licensed agreement and then launched for the public to play. This Microgaming game has 15 winning playlines along with 5 reels. Play Tomb Raider online in New Zealand for free instantly as it can be launched on the desktop of smart phones via flash platform casino feature. Check out the Jackpot City, Spin Palace and Roxy Palace, New Zealand game version too.

You will get the opportunity to win real money by the use of the features provided on the platform of online mobile casinos. It also gives promotional bonus and free spins too after doing sign up. Make it your way to convert the boring time into entertaining one.

Beginners can play the game for free and advanced players can bet with real money to win a bag full of cash rewards. This money spinning game can help a player win all the way with 5x maximum number of coins. For those who like to take the risk can play with more number of playlines using as many coins as possible and earn $37.50 on each spin.

Lower risk takers can bet from just $0.05 for a single spin. Tomb Raider Bonus Game offers free spin and lot more excitement to make the gaming experience all the more thrilling.

Get Free Spins Bonus with Scatter symbols

Those of you who play this online casino regularly and manage to get three scatter symbols in the game will win free spins as a bonus game. Players get free spins 10 in number that can be played with a multiplier of x3 with Tomb Raider Symbols. Be ready for surprise as with this spin win spree, players can also win addition 10 spins free all over again. Winning is the high point of this game that has got people hooked to it.

Tomb Raider Slot Game also has a Mobile version

Online gambling games cannot ignore the reach and impact of mobile gaming experience.  Gamblers in New Zealand, New Zealand, and other countries prefer to play this Microgaming game on mobile. Tomb Raider Mobile Pokie is just as popular as its PC version.

This New Zealand Mobile Casino game is a fast and entertaining game that is safe to play. The winning amount is safe as the online pokies are based on strong licensing background. The mobile versions for iPad, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Windows have already been launched.

Along with PC version, there is also Tomb Raider App that can be downloaded to play free online Tomb Raider pokie game New Zealand.

Online interface has made all the difference

Thanks to the internet, many famous online pokies games can now be enjoyed sitting in the home or office or even while traveling. Online casino pokies in New Zealand are a rage among the New Zealand gamers. The humble PC and swanky smartphone is turned into play machine to play Tomb Raider online pokies in New Zealand.

Real pokies online in New Zealand has caught the fancy of all gamers looking to make big wins on the gambling circuits.

A revamped Tomb Raider Pokie game Series

Change is one constant aspect that needs to be adopted by game designers. With Tomb Rider too Microgaming came out with a renewed version in 2008 with additional 15 playlines, taking the count to 30. The upgrade version is available as Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword. The highlight of the game is the range of brand new bonus offering that comes with classic sounds and reel symbols.

Gamers; don’t wait any longer. Just go to the play store, download the app and get going and end up on a winning streak.

Slots – A Brief Historical Overview

Millions of people have enjoyed this trendy and exciting game of slots for decades. The history of the game is rich and varied. There are many compelling stories about how it was first created in different countries.

While many countries have their version of the game slot machines, the United States of America is the most well-known. This is mainly due to its vogue in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Many great movies have been shot in these cities or include aspects of the casino lifestyle in some scenes. This has led to casinos and slots enjoying a long-standing association with glamour and excitement.

It is possible to trace the history of slots back to the classical period in Europe, the 17-18 century. Casinos were top-rated among the elite of France, Germany, and Italy as well as Austria, Russia, and other parts of Europe. Monaco is the most famous European casino. It’s the romantic, elegant, and opulent resort and casino town on the coast of Monte Carlo. This was, according to legend, created in response to the growing popularity of Roulette by a few intelligent entrepreneurs who decided to make a “gambling house” around it.

Slots Games Around the World, Same Game, But Different Name Slots are also trendy in other countries but have different names. Many of these games are also accompanied by fascinating stories about their origins. One example of this story is the game ‘Pokies’ which originated in Australia.

Pokies is an Australian colloquial term used to describe a game called ‘Poker Machines.’ Poker Machines look almost identical to other types of slots, but they were initially created using poker symbols to make it easier to play slot machines.

Slots Tips for Beginners

The most beloved of all casino games, slots have been around for a long time. They’re fun, easy to learn, and provide endless entertainment and excitement. There are so many slot games to choose from that it is easy to find one that suits your budget. These tips will help you make your online slot sessions more profitable.

* Don’t gamble with better than you can afford: This advice applies to all forms of gambling, not just online gambling. Gambling with more money than you can afford to lose is not a good idea. You could end up in financial ruin if you gamble with more money than you can afford for rent or food.

* Read the pay table carefully: This will show you when and how much each slot game will pay. Before playing online slots, you must understand and read the pay table. You can play the frolicking if you like the structure of the winnings.

Keep your winnings separate. It is generally a good idea for all winnings to be kept separate. You will get a better idea of the profitability of your session if you keep your winnings aside.

Keep detailed notes: You should keep detailed notes while playing slots. These notes can be reread after the session to identify any errors or areas for improvement. This will allow you to create a strategy for playing online slot games.