Hi friends, I was very fond of gambling. But In school days I was fascinated with cooking, I know that it was very shocking but yes! It is true. It started when one day in my cooking class, I made salad of many fruits like kiwi, strawberry, blue berry, yogurt and garnish with mint and spinach. My teacher praise me a lot. This is the reason that attracted me to cook. I also joined cooking institute of bake product like cake. I also liked to eat yummy muffins and sweets. But as soon I grow, my taste changed. And now a days I liked to gamble. I usually like to play in real casino which is near my home.

One day when I was too busy in my office work. I felt bored but can’t had time to go out, so decided to play online. One of my cousin told me that there are many sport are named on usual words and cartoons. Hence while searching I used my favorite word Fruit Salad, and surprisingly I found it. It was a slot machine that available in three play-lines and in a single line too. I played three lines version. It was an interesting pokies that every player can play. Before playing this game I poured vodka in a glass and make the mood to win.

It was a micro gaming sport that have better range of betting and impressive jackpot. In three line activity accepts $0.25 as minimum bet per spins and can maximize to $2.25. I start from initial coins range and up to maximum. In result I got potential jackpot of $10,000. And I hope the same for you. While playing firstly you have to made a choice between regular mode and expert mode. In expert mode you can play the event on autoplay which is better to play the sport.

So I also used this mode and play well. For more information you can watch the demo videos on YouTube and reviews as well. It is also available for download.